DAO Benefits

Voting Rights

Users who deposit their $TNODE tokens into DAO escrow for 1 week to 4 years claim their DAO membership and gain the ability to vote on crucial Trusted Node decisions. They can also govern the community's position on various PoS proposals for chains in which Trusted Node offers staking services.

Yield multipliers

DAO members receive a yield multiplier on the liquidity vaults, paid out in $TNODE tokens. The level of APY boosts will depend on the amount of $TNODE deposited and the length of time for which it’s deposited.

Protocol Fees

DAO members partake in the share of protocol fees generated from the use of Trusted Node services, net of maintenance and hosting costs.

Fees Discount

DAO Members pay lower fees on all Trusted Node services offered through the platform.

DAO Treasury Yields (tbd)

In the future, the $TNODE tokens deposited into the DAO escrow and other revenue may be used to generate additional yields from DeFi protocols, with a share of those yields then being distributed to token holders.

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