Token Supply and Allocation

A capped total of 1 billion $TNODE tokens will be generated at the token launch. The majority of tokens will be locked and gradually released over a 5-year vesting period.

Token allocations and emissions have been designed to stimulate the Trusted Node infrastructure in the first 60 months of growth. Initially, only 6% of tokens will be released into circulation, with only the public sale allocation fully distributed at launch. 12% of the total token supply is allocated to private and public sale (IDO). A further 10% will be vested and distributed over the course of 4 years as bounties to the Trusted Node partners, auditors, advisors, and marketing influencers. Another 10% will finance ongoing product development.

Trusted Node team members will receive a total of 15% of the token supply. After the 12-month vesting period, linear vesting will apply, with approximately 4% of tokens released per month for 24 months.

53% of the total $TNODE supply will initially be held in Gnosis Safe and ultimately transferred into smart contracts to be released over the span of 5-years as liquidity vault rewards (43%) and staking rewards (10%).

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