DAO Architecture

The goal of Trusted Node is to be decentralized, self-sustaining, and independently governed by the community. In order to do that, Trusted Node DAO needs streams of revenue to cover its operational costs. It also needs mechanisms to gather, store, and distribute funds. Many tools and features offered through the Aragon network will be tested and implemented over time.

Initially, the DAO will begin with a simple multi-sig treasury. Main revenue streams will include small transaction fees on Trusted Node services. Main costs will consist of infrastructure development and maintenance, ecosystem growth and network security. A supply of $TNODE tokens will be reserved for bounties, network security, and ecosystem growth to take the strain off the DAO until the transaction fees can support the network.

Service Fees

Fees are the main source of revenue for Trusted Node DAO. The network charges a small fee for services offered on the platform. Eventually, a share of DAO service fees may be distributed to DAO members as an additional incentive.

DAO Treasury

DAO treasury will begin as a simple multi-sig wallet on Gnosis and develop into a fully operational DAO feature during project development. Initially, treasury will not play a major role as the maintenance costs (development, infrastructure, security) will be covered by the token sale and the token supply allocated for these specific purposes. Eventually, the treasury and the fee model will take over the maintenance cost of the Trusted Node platform.

Network Maintenance (Cost)

Trusted Node DAO and its partners own and operate validator nodes and incur infrastructure and hosting-related fees. The private and public token sale will fund the initial cost of infrastructure and launch the first DAO-owned nodes.

Network Security (Cost)

The team behind Trusted Node is conscious of security risks in the DeFi and PoS space and working to minimize potential threats and enable a safe and autonomous system. To that end, Trusted Node reserved 10% of the total $TNODE token supply to cover the cost of security experts, auditors, and advisors before, during, and after the launch. Trusted Node will have an audit of its smart contracts completed by reputable auditor Obelisk prior to its token launch and may employ other firms to audit its smart contract releases and updates going forward.

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