DAO Escrow Contract

Any user interested in joining the Trusted Node DAO and participating in Trusted Node governance can deposit any amount of $TNODE tokens into the DAO escrow for a period from 1 day to 1 year. Depositing coins is necessary for governance functionality. It lets the network know which users have a right to vote.

DAO members receive voting power proportional to their deposit and valid for the period that $TNODE tokens remain in the escrow contract.

They also receive other member benefits based on the period and amount of $TNODE they submit:

  • A share of Trusted Node transaction fees

  • A yield multiplier for liquidity vaults, and

  • Member discounts on Trusted Node services (the PoS Portal and Liquid Staking).

Currently, the DAO Trusted Node is stored in a smart contract. In the future, the capital could theoretically be invested into liquidity vaults or DeFi portfolios to enable more revenue streams for DAO and its members (tbd).

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