The Vaults

Trusted Node vaults are DeFi smart contract protocols that enable an exchange of the core assets within the Trusted Node network. Users can provide liquidity to the vaults in exchange for additional yields and a share of transaction fees.

There are 3 main liquidity vaults within the Trusted Node infrastructure, which enable exchange between native assets, liquid derivatives, and $TNODE tokens:

  1. T-token Vaults provide liquidity for the derivative t-tokens. They contain pairs of $TNODE against various wrapped tokens. T-token vaults are an essential part of the Trusted Node ecosystem that sustains liquid staking. They ensure that t-derivatives remain liquid. Part of the token sale revenue will be directed to providing liquidity to the t-token vaults. Eventually, vaults or liquidity pools of t-tokens against native cryptocurrencies and other t-derivatives may emerge as the market evolves.

  2. $TNODE Liquidity Vaults provide liquidity for the $TNODE token. They contain $TNODE:cryptocurrency pairs to enable the native token exchange against mainstream crypto assets.

  3. Partner Liquidity Vaults

    Trusted Node will cooperate with emerging PoS projects to provide liquidity for their native tokens against $TNODE tokens. Through DAO governance, community members can suggest and vote on creating liquidity pools and vaults for specific PoS projects.

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