Infrastructure for PoS Security

Through improving resilience and governance adoption, Trusted Node increases overall PoS security and decentralization. It also helps foster emerging blockchains vulnerable to hacker scrutiny and network attacks.

Trusted Node improves the economic and physical resilience of the global PoS network.

Economic Resilience

  • Increases the number of coins staked and the number of different stakers.

  • Incentivizes capital flow from DeFi to PoS. => Increases the cost of network attacks

Physical Resilience

  • Diversifies validator nodes.

  • Increases the number of validator nodes.

    => Prevents collusion and oligopoly of the validation node operators

Governance Security

  • Increases the number of active voters.

  • Spreads awareness about governance voting.

    => Prevents systemic changes in the interest of few validators

Emerging Blockchains Support

  • Supports new blockchains through collaborations.

  • Offers decentralized validator node services.

  • Provides liquidity for new PoS coins (see Trusted Node Partner Vaults).

    => helps nurture and grow PoS ecosystems

As the network grows, Trusted Node will become an integral part of the global PoS infrastructure.

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