DAO Governance

Trusted Node DAO will likely be built on the Aragon platform, the most robust and longstanding DAO creation tool. Aragon provides a variety of capabilities, including auto-execution and dispute resolution, and is actively developing additional tools.

Trusted Node is governed by $TNODE token holders. The intention is for Trusted Node to leverage its DAO participants to design and develop a more interactive and actively managed governance system that incentivizes participation and addresses known problems existing today, potentially by implementing quadratic voting and other mechanisms. Users need to deposit one or more tokens into the DAO escrow to inform the network that they are eligible to participate. They can then vote through the Trusted Node Governance Portal on current DAO issues or the PoS proposals currently on the DAO agenda. Their tokens need to remain in the DAO contract during the voting period for their vote to be valid.

Token holders can also submit their own proposals to the community. For example, to create new validator nodes for a specific PoS blockchain. Proposals go through a screening and vetting process that requires a minimum amount of support in order to go on to a full voting mechanism. Majority-approved proposals are automatically executed or brought to the management team for manual implementation.

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