Democratic Access to PoS Governance and Staking

PoS staking and governance were designed to be more accessible and decentralized than PoW mining, which re-centralized through limited access to cheap electricity and specialized equipment. Yet, the inflated cost of PoS staking and custodial services leave PoS similarly vulnerable to centralization and oligopolies.

Trusted Node's mission is to enhance the decentralization and security of PoS ecosystems by democratizing access to staking rewards and governance. It achieves this through the following:

  • Users holding any amount of PoS capital can earn staking rewards in native tokens.

  • Staking rewards are distributed automatically from the chains with which users stake without third-party interference.

  • The Trusted Node network is maintained and governed by the Trusted Node community through DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

  • Anyone can delegate their coins for staking without participating in DAO or owning the network tokens ($TNODE).

  • Anyone can participate in Trusted Node DAO by purchasing and depositing $TNODE tokens in the DAO escrow.

  • DAO members can propose and vote on new validator nodes and operational changes to DAO and the Trusted Node platform.

  • Stakers are informed about important PoS governance issues and instructed on how to vote through the Trusted Node DAO’s stake in the underlying PoS blockchains.

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