Validator/PoS risks

Slashing Risks

Slashing is a PoS protocol punishment for nodes not validating transactions. It can happen when validators lose connection to the network, for example, during power outages or wifi downtimes. Trusted Node minimizes downtimes by using high-availability high-performance infrastructures to run nodes.

Although Trusted Node users are guarded against many risks related to running their own validator nodes, the whole network of validators is still subject to each PoS blockchain’s protocol requirements, like bonding periods. Withdrawing initial native assets from nodes may cause slashing risks for the whole network, which is why some assets have a bonding period on the Trusted Node platform. The base capital can be withdrawn ahead of time only through swapping or selling derivative tokens at their market price.

Validator Node Security Risks

Validators are responsible for their infrastructure security. Running validator nodes requires an understanding of the software and security risks involved to prevent hacks, bugs, and phishing attacks. Deploying validator nodes through third-party providers minimizes security risks and often comes with contractual assurances from the providers.

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